We have unfortunately cancelled all classes, but we are running group walks

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Due to the Coronavirus we unfortunately have cancelled all classes until further notice.

If you are living with a heart or circulatory condition, your risk of catching coronavirus is no higher than anyone else, however, the risks of developing complications from the virus, if infected, are greater. It is therefore particularly important that you reduce your chance of catching the virus by following the information provided by the UK government and NHS. 

As always you can contact our team on 01837 732510 if you have any further questions.

During Covid-19 Home Exercise Programme

Myself and your fitness instructors Adrian Woods and Helen Sanchez, have devised an individual Home based Exercise Programme to keep our clients fit and mobile over the next few months.

In addition to this an instructor has been calling our clients every two weeks to see how they’re doing, how they can progress their programme and continue to stay active during the lockdown.

We understand that a lot of our clients have been self-isolating, so this home exercise programme will keep their heart healthy and strong, and provide some company to clients who are living by themselves.

Home based Exercise Programme

We have also been sending links to the BHF Home based Cardiac Rehab Programmes, which provide exercise videos for all fitness levels. If you haven’t seen it, check it out

In Phase III at the hospital we are also offering home exercise programmes, and providing weekly consultations from Nurses, Exercise Staff and Occupational Therapists, to patients who usually would have attended hospital based rehab.

Unfortunately group exercise classes seem far away, and discussions between the Health Board and our Charity suggest its best if that the decisions at Phase III are replicated at Phase IV.

We will of course keep our Phase IV members updated with the situation. In the meantime myself and the instructors are working hard to see what else we can offer our clients.

Watch this space.