Founder and Trustee

Dr. Jacqueline Miles MBE

Caring for our Cardiac Community

When we started the Charity over 27 years ago we knew there was a need for a service that would support people once they were out of hospital to make significant changes to their lives. Research tells us that Cardiac Rehabilitation helps to prolong a person’s life after they’ve suffered a heart attack or other cardiovascular event. This is why the work we do to encourage cardiac patients to continue with exercise is so important. We are a small charity with a big aim. Our aim is to improve the lives of people who have suffered with their heart health. Our mission is to provide the leading Cardiac Rehabilitation service within the UK.

Jacky Miles MBE

Founder & Chairman

Jackie Miles M.B.E, PhD, BSc (Hons), RGN.

Visiting Professor, School of Care Sciences, University of South Wales

Dept of Research and Innovation, St Woolos Hospital Newport Aneurin Bevan University Health Board



Jacky completed her RGN training at St Marys Hospital, Paddington and went on to specialise in general intensive care and cardiac nursing working in St Marys Paddington, the Hammersmith, High Wycombe General, University Hospital Wales and Nevill Hall Hospital. Finding a lack of provision for patients recovering from myocardial infarction and heart surgery in the early 1990’s she developed, with the valuable on-going support from patients, carers and two local charities (the North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation and After Care charity and the Nevill Hall Coronary and Research Thrombosis Fund), the multidisciplinary North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation programme. The programme was accredited with the Royal Institute of Public Administration Kings Fund Award in 1992, and the Charter Mark in 1998. For her services to Cardiac Rehabilitation Jacky received an MBE in 2003.

From October 1999 to February 2003 – she was seconded part-time to the School of Care Sciences at the University of South Wales to undertake a PhD. The thesis compared the effect of ‘A programme of cardiac rehabilitation versus standard care in elderly patients with heart failure’; the first randomised controlled in this subject area in the UK.

An abstract of the main results of the study presented to the British Cardiac Society Annual Scientific Conference (2003) was judged to be one of the six highest ranked abstracts (out of a total number of 210). She has been the author on several published several papers and these are listed below.

As a Nurse Consultant (2004 – 2017) she carried a clinical case load, was the lead for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure Services across the HB, and undertook research, audit and evaluation of services, mentored students, and developed education. She was Lead Nurse for the South Wales Cardiac Network (2012-16) and received the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Chief Executive Award in 2016.    

Leaving the Nurse Consultant post in April 2017 she was the Lead Nurse for Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation Research (2017-2020) with specific interest in advanced heart failure and palliative care and is Visiting Professor with the University of South Wales (2018 –

Loving semi-retirement Jacky is married to Phil with two grown up sons and four grandchildren. They have two dogs and are members of Parc Bryn Bach Running Club. The highlight of Jacky’s running career was in 2007/9 when she represented Wales in the UK Cross Country Championships.

Publications (2003-2020)

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Gareth Davies

Vice Chair

Local Business man Gareth and his wife Andrea have been involved with the Charity for a number of years and actively participate in fundraising events.

Kathy Cleveland

Membership Secretary

Kathy Cleveland

I first attended a Cardiac exercise class in 1999 alongside  my Husband (Allen) and have continued since.  In 2013  I took on the roll of membership secretary responsible for keeping the database up to date with renewals, banking membership fees and acknowledging  any small donations made by clients, the distribution of the Ticker News and any other correspondence to the Cardiac members.  I am also a member of the fund raising committee.

Greg Overs


Greg has been with the Charity for a few years now and has a background in quantity surveyance which means he is great with numbers. The Charity is delighted to have Greg as their Treasurer.

Nigel Dancer


Nigel Dancer

Local businessman Nigel has been involved with the Charity for a number of years and he and his wife Denise support the Charity at fundraising events throughout the year.

Tony Lowery 


Tony Lowery

I graduated with a BSc. (Honours) in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology from Crewe and Alsager College in 1985. I then decided to enter the teaching profession, and for the next 31 years taught Science in a variety of institutions to a range of abilities and ages.

In my teaching career, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions and develop a range of Leadership and Management skills that facilitated Science Education both in and outside of the classroom.

I have held a variety of positions during that time, including being a member of several School Leadership Teams, a Faculty Head of Science, an Advanced Skills Teacher and a School Improvement Officer for a local authority.

In September of 2019, I decided to retire from the Teaching Profession and pursue other interests.   

My formative years were spent growing up in a pit village in Northumberland.  Caring for those in the community. especially during the difficult years in the eighties have meant that social engagement and supporting others has always been a passion.  Being a trustee of the charity gives me that opportunity to continue with this.

Community Tutors

Zavia Penn

Zavia Penn is a Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist. During completion of her BSc (Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science, she developed a keen interest in Cardiovascular Physiology. She became BACPR certified in 2019 and obtained her research Masters in Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology in 2020 at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Zavia has a background in Exercise Physiology, working in the department of Physiology and Health at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she operates with a range of populations including athletes and clinical populations. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors, exercising and caring for her large family of houseplants.

Tom Stone

Tom Stone started his career in health and fitness as a sports coach. Following a natural progression as a group exercise instructor to Exercise Referral. After completing several exercise referral courses, covering a range of health conditions, Tom has found a real passion for Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Callum Simmonds

Callum Simmonds is from Abergavenny. He recently graduated from theUniversity of Worcester with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science BSC (HONS) and has decided to specialise in Cardiac Rehabilitation. During lockdown, Callum completed the BACPR exercise Instructor level 4 course and is looking forward to furthering his knowledge and experience in the field of cardiac rehabilitation

Assistant Community Tutors

Allen Cleveland

Allen Cleveland

Following a heart attack and subsequent bypass, Allen went through Phase 3 before joining the Charity classes. When a position for an Assistant Community Tutor became vacant in 2005 he jumped at the chance! Since continuing with Cardiac Rehab Allen has maintained good health and considers himself to be a prime example of the value of exercise.

Owen Webber

Owen joined the team after a health scare in 2007 which saw him come through Cardiac Rehab himself. Wanting to give something back to the Charity he became a member of our Fundraising committee and later an employed Assistant Tutor helping run the Phase 4 classes.