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‘Joining a class after finishing my early cardiac rehab programme is the best thing I have done. My confidence and fitness level are much improved and meeting people who have had a similar experience means I no longer feel I am coping alone’. Mary 62 yrs

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If you have heart disease we encourage you to keep Fit and Healthy. To keep you safe during this outbreak of Covid 19 we now provide Walking Groups instead of Exercise Classes throughout Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire.

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What is Cardiac Rehab?2019-02-06T21:28:35+00:00

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an exercise programme that helps people to recover and return to living a relatively normal life after suffering a cardiac event. The rehabilitation received from the NHS programme, otherwise known as ‘Phase 3’ is provided by the Cardiac team and usually runs for 6-8 weeks. The community classes run by our Charity follow-on from Phase 3 and are often referred to as ‘Phase 4’. These classes are weekly and run all-year round. The programme is similar to the rehab patients receive in hospital and follow a pattern of aerobic warm-up, circuits and cool downs. These classes are not mandatory; however due to research indicating regular exercise is essential for long-term recovery from heart problems they are recommended for patients who fit the eligible criteria.

Why should I take part in a rehab programme?2019-02-06T21:31:12+00:00

Why should I take part in a rehab programme?

The community classes follow on from the NHS Phase 3 programme and whilst recommended are not mandatory. The reason they’re recommended is because regular exercise will ultimately help with your medium to long term recovery and research has indicated it could reduce your risk of further heart problems and ultimately prolong your life. The classes also help you to regain your confidence and meet people who understand what you have gone through. Many comment on the usefulness of diet and exercise education and the benefits of social interaction.

What if I can’t do an exercise?2019-02-06T21:39:59+00:00

What if I can’t do an exercise?

The instructors will never push you to do something you feel uncomfortable with. The classes are designed to help you exercise at your own pace and ability level. Both the warm-up and cool-down are low-intensity and all equipment is checked and maintained regularly by our fitness instructors. That being said, if you wish to improve your fitness at a higher level you are able to work with our instructors who can help and advise you in a safe and monitored environment.

How much are the classes?2019-02-06T21:37:09+00:00

How much are the classes?

The classes are only part-funded by the NHS, the rest is paid for by the Charity therefore we do charge a class fee of £4.50; however this is reduced to £4 per class if you become a friend of the Charity. This involves an annual donation of £10.00

Is hospital transport provided?2019-01-28T21:16:18+00:00

Is hospital transport provided?

Unfortunately hospital transport is not provided and you will need to make your own way to the Phase 4 community classes. You can ask your local transport providers about public transport links for the area and as you get to know your fellow class members you may be able to arrange a lift-share.

When and where are the classes?2019-01-28T21:00:15+00:00

When and where are the classes?

The classes run periodically throughout the week and weekends across Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent. For an up-to-date class schedule or to find your nearest class check out our class timetable page.

Can I bring someone with me?2019-01-28T21:00:15+00:00

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, if required you may be able to bring along a spouse or friend for support with a valid GP referral; if they wish to also take part in the class they will also need to pay the class participation fee. See “How much are the classes?” for more details or contact a tutor for more information if you need to.

What do I wear?2019-01-28T21:00:15+00:00

What do I wear?

You should wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing whilst doing light exercise and activity. Some prefer active wear such as leggings, jogging bottoms and a t-shirt whilst others prefer normal trousers and every day wear. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended.

Do classes run on bank holidays and during extreme weather conditions?2019-01-28T21:00:15+00:00

Do classes run on bank holidays and during extreme weather conditions?

No; classes do not run on bank holidays. If in doubt during periods of bad weather including snow, we advise you to contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation office at Nevill Hall Hospital 01873 732510 or your instructor to check if the class is running.

Why should I help fundraise?2019-01-28T21:00:15+00:00

Why should I help fundraise?

Our charity provides cardiac patients with one of the best rehabilitation services in the UK. Whether it be heart attack, cardiac surgery or heart failure we are dedicated to improving the quality of life and preventing further cardiac events for our patients. With cardiac events being one of the biggest killers in the UK today it may be more likely than you realise that you or someone you know will be affected by any one of these life threatening conditions. The classes are part-funded by the NHS but the Charity still has to find the money to pay salary costs, venue hire, equipment and more. For a small charity such as ours, every donation matters and is gratefully received to allow us to continue providing our service.