How to join

We take your health very seriously, so to join our classes you’ll need a signed medical referral.

OPTION 1 – Hospital referral:

If you’ve recently completed or are nearing the end of your hospital-based Phase III cardiac rehabilitation programme, ask your hospital team for a referral to our community-based Phase IV classes: just download our Referral Request Form from the Resources page.

They’ll send your referral direct to us, and one of our specially trained Cardiac Rehab Exercise Instructors will get in touch to invite you along to your nearest class.

OPTION 2 – GP referral:

Alternatively, if you’re under the care of your GP, simply ask them to complete this GP Referral Form, from the Resources page, then post it to us at PO Box 178, Abergavenny NP7 1DW, or pop along to one of our weekly classes and hand it to the instructor.


We aim to make long-term cardiac rehab exercise as affordable as possible, so we subsidise the cost of our classes through fundraising, donations and grants. Currently this allows us to keep the cost at £4 per class for members, or £4.50 for non-members. Membership costs £10 a year and you can download the application form here.

More than just exercise

llanfoist classLiving with a heart problem can have a big physical and emotional impact. Feeling anxious or isolated is not unusual, but at our classes you’ll have the support of expert instructors and members who’ve been through similar experiences. Many members say how important this support and camaraderie is to their recovery and ongoing wellbeing.

Partners are welcome

We welcome partners, other family members or friends at our classes. In fact making a commitment to exercise together can work really well, as you can motivate each other. But to take part, we’ll need their GP’s approval: just download our GP Consent Form.

Any questions?

You’ll find more information on our Classes page, and in our FAQs. But if you still have a query, please email or call our secretary Tony Lowery on 07856 692148.