Patient Story: “Getting Back to Normal…”


David O’Brien reflects on his experience with Cardiac Rehabilitation and getting “back to normal” “Born in 1947 in Pontypridd, school and university in Cardiff and having spent all my working career in England, my personal cardiac story begins with our move to Cornwall in 2005 and my registration with a [...]

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Top 5 tips to become more active!


We understand you’ve a busy person with little to no time to spare for exercise but are worried about the effects to your body from being inactive? A lack of exercise is a huge problem for Britain with nearly half the population identifying themselves as being ‘inactive’. With benefits including [...]

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Is inactivity ruining our lives?


New research suggests that physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of death in the UK. Our lives are so busy. There’s work, home life, housework, errands, children and god-willing a social life. So when you have some much needed free-time to exercise, it might be the last thing [...]

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