COVID 19 has meant a new beginning for early Cardiac Rehabilitation


COVID 19 has meant a new beginning for early Cardiac Rehabilitation Hassan Al-Kaabi Senior Fitness Instructor Oct 2020 I work in Cardiac Rehabilitation in Pontypool, South Wales. Prior to Covid 19 following a cardiac event, patients attended cardiac rehabilitation for eight weeks. This consisted of an exercise and education programme, facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT); including Cardiac Specialist Nurses, Exercise Specialists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Counsellors. The impact of Covid 19 In ABUHB there are four sites providing cardiac rehab programmes. During Covid-19, we have had to adapt our service and unfortunately haven't been able to see patients face to face since late March. We have, however, been conducting our service over the phone; giving patients advice, support and education where possible. There are many limitations to running a service over the phone these include not being able to physically see how our patients are recovering, what exercise capacity they have, not being able to build a rapport with patients, and not providing the best education possible for them. A new way forward I am the Chair of the Education Group in our department. This includes a small working group, with members from the MDT looking for innovative ideas to improve our education for patients. As a service we have been sending patients education leaflets, Heart Manuals (a self-management book for cardiac patients), and also providing education over the phone. As a working group we felt that patients were missing out on face to face group education, that [...]

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Newsletter August 2020


Newsletter August 2020 Dear Member What we’ve been up to My last newsletter written at the outset of the Covid 19 lockdown informed the readers of the steps the charity would be taking to maintain contact with its members. Since then the Community Tutors have committed to regularly contacting class members to check on welfare and to promote continued exercise through personalised home exercise programmes. The charity would like to express their gratitude to the Tutors and all those who help support them for their efforts. The trustees of the charity have also tried to keep themselves busy by holding monthly zoom meetings chiefly used to discuss how to continue overseeing the governance of the charity during these very challenging times. Walking Groups Thankfully some of the lockdown restrictions are now being eased and the trustees have begun to discuss how best to reinstate some of the activities previously provided by the charity.  Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to fully resume services by opening up the classes but we are currently exploring the possibility of beginning dedicated exercise walks overseen by the Tutors. We believe this will help facilitate the important face to face contact with our Tutors and also be a long awaited first step to reintroducing the important work of the charity. It is hoped that the walks will commence on the 10th August, however we are still awaiting confirmation from the Health Board that they agree with our proposals. The [...]

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Top 5 tips to become more active!


We understand you’ve a busy person with little to no time to spare for exercise but are worried about the effects to your body from being inactive? A lack of exercise is a huge problem for Britain with nearly half the population identifying themselves as being ‘inactive’. With benefits including improved fitness, weight-loss and a healthier heart there’s always time to add a daily spring to your step. To help, we’ve put together this handy guide for on-the-go people who want to make a change: Routine! There are a number of ways to incorporate exercise into a daily routine, you could get up earlier to take the dog for a walk in the morning and do it as soon as you get home. No dog? No problem; set your alarm and go for a walk anyway. Set up a walking group with friends, or in your workplace at lunch times – if it’s a group activity it’s likely you’ll stick at it for the long-term. Keep it interesting by planning a different route each time you go out on lunch or walk the long way around to the canteen. Walk more! Try parking further away from the shops, your workplace and the supermarket – or better yet, try walking there instead. Not only does this help your health it helps the environment too. You could also forget the lift and escalator and take the stairs where possible. Get on your bike! If walking isn’t your [...]

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