Read our case studies and hear from the people whose lives have benefitted from our cardiac Rehabilitation classes.

Maggie Woodhouse’s Story

Maggie is an optometrist and senior lecturer at Cardiff University, and at nearly 70 years old shows no sign of retiring.. She first joined cardiac rehab in 2002 after a heart attack, and is currently a regular member of Llanfoist Saturday class, as well as secretary to the charity trustees.

“Cardiac rehab made such a difference to my life, and recovery from a heart attack” says Maggie. “I really appreciated the education sessions in phase 3, as I’m the sort of person who wants to understand how my body works – prior to the experience, I don’t think I really knew what a heart attack was. I also enjoyed the exercises, and began to feel fitter and more able than before the heart attack. Once I moved on to phase 4, the friends I made and the fun side of classes kept me going. Now it’s just part of what I do.”

Wanting to give something back, Maggie joined the board of trustees, and with the other board members, is working to build the profile of the charity. Having a heart problem is not the end of an active life, Maggie believes. In her case, it was the start of a better level of fitness, and a better and healthier life. “Everyone can benefit from regular exercise, especially heart patients, because of the safe environment on offer at classes”, says Maggie, “and our classes offer so much more – support, education, friendship and above all, fun”