Congratulations from our Chair

Dear Members,

I just want to congratulate everyone associated with completing the Everest challenge. Clearly there are a lot of  others, especially our members, who I am unable to include in this e mail but who helped us also and I am hoping you can help me pass on my thanks to them as well. I was hoping to send out a message today via the world walking site but I sent a motivational message a few weeks ago via the website and am told that you didn’t receive it so I won’t try it again.

In my view I think you have all shown a huge sense of determination to get us over the line and in my opinion it’s a very proud day for the charity. The challenge has also helped to raise some much needed funds and when we are able to confirm the total I will let you all know. More importantly however the challenge helped us to reinstate exercise classes for our members and gave them a goal to reach for and this in itself made it all worthwhile.

Perhaps we can consider undertaking another challenge at some stage in the future but for now I’m sure everyone needs to rest their weary legs.

Thanks once again to you all.

Gary Hicks

Chair of the Board of Trustees